Daiko Welding

Daiko welding-Italy is more than 40 years old company, specialized in corrosion resistance alloys (Nickel base and high alloy welding and cladding company).
DAIKO is one of the largest supplier of Nickel based CRA (Corrosion Resistance Alloy) weld consumables
Daiko is having complete range of welding consumables which includes Nickel alloys, Stainless Steel, Superaustenitic SS, Duplex SS, Super Duplex SS, Ferritic SS, Martensitic SS, creep resistance steels, cryogenic steels, copper alloys, Al alloys, Cobalt alloys, Ti alloys etc.

Following are Daikos core strengths:

  • Full range of 300 products covering all grades of exotic alloys.
  • Very strong in Nickel based alloys in terms of Quality, availability and cost.
  • Full range of Strips and fluxes used for ESSC/SAW welding.(Inconel, Monel, SS, SDS, SSDS, 310Mo etc.)
  • Most importantly we keep biggest stock in the world…more than 1000 Tons to serve your immediate needs.

Please do visit the website for more details: https://www.daikowelding.com/