Exotic Weld, EW is welding consumable provider in Exotic metal range. e.g. Nickle based alloys, Stainless steel group, Copper Based alloys, Aluminum based alloys and Titanium based alloys.

EW is one stop welding solution for your welding need where you can rely upon us from technical requirements of your clients to welding execution with world class quality. Be it welding machine selection including arc welding machines, or Best arc welding type selection, EW can help up to depth level.

EW is not only mere a product selling organization but also provide end to end welding solutions.

We are Welding Engineering Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with together more than 24 years of experience in the field of Welding Engineering & Metallurgy of various kinds exotic materials.

We have grown in welding engineering field from day one of our professional career. We have worked on ground level as Welding Engineers, hence we fully aware of your pain and expectation from welding consumables. You can relate your expectation from us to fulfil your requirements. Targets for you could be Timely availability of welding consumables, at a competitive rate, with zero repair and complaint from Production welder, Productivity Improvement, Automation and world class quality of welds.

We provide best cut to suit welding solutions to your organization which can contribute on following,

  • Welding machine selection
  • Welding type and process development
  • Productivity Improvement, i.e usage of MIG welding, SAW welding
  • Quality improvement
  • Solutions to Control welding defect
  • Training and support for Welder qualification
  • Optimization in Welding consumable usage
  • Procedure Qualification
  • Welding Procedure development
  • Services from Client Specification study to WPS approval
  • New welding consumable brand development

We are happy to help you. EW can be trusted business partner that can create value to your business. Please feel free to contact me at  pravin@exoticwelds.com